Dec. 14th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Ian McShane is in it. Therefore, I must see it. It's also based of what I hear is a good book, so that's good, though from the trailer, I worry that it's trying to do too much like POTC3. Doesn't really matter what I think, I guess. It's not like they won't get my money.

As an aside, is it just me, or does Blackbeard's ship shoot fiery tits?
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(500) Days of Summer was the best movie I have seen in a long time.  More than a long time.  Possibly ever.  Probably ever.  [livejournal.com profile] geozine differs and thinks Fight Club's better, but we at least agree (500) Days was perfect in every single goddamn possible way.  Because it was.  And I wanted to hug Joseph Gordon-Levitt every second of the movie.

I'd even pay that ass-raping $10.50 to see it again.  Fucking hell, when was Regal that expensive???

For this movie, I need an icon for complete, mind-blowing awesome.  It occurs to me that I don't have one, and I assume it's only because I've never needed to use one before.

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That being said, the cinematography?  Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  The colors!  Just look at the colors!  Love the mood, absolutely love and adore it.  Even if the movie sucks

Ozymandius and Nite Owl II - Seriously.  Accent.  What the hell.  And why is he so pretty?  He's supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous, yeah, but he's not a ladykiller here; he's... so effete.  I don't mind the acting though.  He's lacking a bit of oomph, but I think it works well for Ozymandias at that point in the plot.  On the upside, Nite Owl is great.  Spot-on.

The Comedian on riot control - Some great shots.  Love how the landing was framed.  Have no clue what was up with the massive slo-mo.  I mean, since the Comedian is badass and he doesn't have that many I R BADASS scenes, I guess it's alright, but it's not supposed to be a dramatic moment--making it dramatic doesn't really add anything to the plot.

Rescuing people from burning building - The colors and the mood the screen evokes is just brilliant.  No real opinion on the scene itself.  It happens pretty much exactly in the book.  Again, don't like the slo-mo, think it's a bit too much here, though a slight and short moment of it would've been alright.  Nite Owl, again, is great.

Rorshack (???) and Nite Owl II - ...His name is really supposed to be pronounced ROR-SHACK?  I've been saying it more like Ro-sharh all this time.  I think both the actors are fine, though the scene itself isn't that interesting.  Slightly annoyed by Rorscharch being way shorter than Nite Owl.  Also thinking Nite Owl looks a bit too fit.  Oh, well.
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Yeah, I'm a little behind on this one, but I figured I'd embed it anyway. It's a visually boring trailer, for the record. Actually, it's kind of just boring in general, but it's got people talking.

I don't like Manhattan's voice. I don't really mind that he sounds so human, I just think someone with a bit more bass could pull of his lines better. He's quite nasal so I'm afraid he'll come off as whiny, but it's more just a thought than anything else. I doubt it'll be a dealbreaker.

Not sure what I think of Rorshach though. I think a cold, dead voice would've suited the character more, but the intensity he's got now is probably better for film anyhow.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 08:18 pm
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I has Sweeney Todd soundtrack.

ETA:  With my headset on, Johnny Depp's voice just sounds worse and worse... Oh, never bad, because it's not bad, it's just less and less good, and I originally thought it was only good enough to keep people from noticing it was only just good enough.  "My Friends" is his best song, I think.  There's a lot of emotion in his performance.  Basically, any song that was more acting than singing sounded awesome.  Epiphany was good, but his voice wasn't enough to really pull it off.  The fact that Bonham Carter lends a hand in the second half of the song helps a lot too.  She really rocked as Ms. Lovett.

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir just replaced my Willy Wonka The Amazing Chocolatier as the stupid song on my playlist.
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Check it out.

So normally Disney songs sound exactly the same in every damn language out there.  It's like they cloned all the singers and taught them different languages or something.  Not so here.

I hesitate to say the English version guy's got a high-pitched voice, because it's not really high.  Well, okay, it is.  It still sounds similar to the other languages, but always a bit deeper (for those that didn't bother going into head voice) or a bit more nasal (for those that did).  Check out the other songs too.  There's one of that song from Prince of Egypt and it's absolutely uncanny.  For most of the songs, if I zone out, I don't even notice it's not English.

ETA: Jackie Chan is Shang in the Mandarin version.
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There were a few parts that totally shouldn't be funny but were totally funny anyway.  Like when the guy that talked like a chicken died.  Well, it was supposed to be funny, but you know.  You shouldn't laugh at people dying.  But it was hilarious anyway.  On the topic of deaths-should-not-be-funny-but-I-laughed-anyway, I totally loved it when Septimus (?) pushed his brother out the window.  Did not see that coming.  The way the king just laughed at it was awesome as well.  The ghosts of all the brothers were generally pretty amusing as well.

I mentioned that I thought the ending--which suddenly took a turn for the serious--clashed a bit with the rest of the movie, but it made sense.  I loved that witchy lady whatever her name is.

The actress for Yvaine has a very active face and a head that bobs around a lot.  Not a bad thing, really, but I couldn't help but notice during her long "I think I love you" monologue.  Tristan himself was adorable.  The pirate captain dude was wuv.  I think Septimus' line when he saw him dancing around was "What the hell?" which basically sums it up pretty nicely.

I'll start the book after I finish Hogfather (by Terry Pratchett, and I don't like books focusing on Susan or Death, so I'm not really liking it so much right  now) and I'm hoping the witch lady's two sisters had more of a personality in it.

I hope they make a movie out of Neverwhere.  It doesn't lend itself as well to the current fantasy trendiness, but I think it'd lend itself much, much better to a movie.  They'd miscast Islington though.  They always do.

PS: Dammit, Abby, I've got the Sailor Moon theme song stuck in my head too.  The English one, which I've actually only heard a few times before.  It's stupidly catchy.  "She's the one named Sailor Moon!"


Aug. 10th, 2007 05:43 pm
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I am going to see Stardust tomorrow, with or without you all.

Just fyi.


Aug. 6th, 2007 04:45 pm
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The Montgomery Fair opens this Friday.  Anyone up for a trip on Saturday?  I hear they have excellent funnelcakes.

Likewise, the Renaissance Festival starts on August 25th.  Sonya, will you be back by that weekend?  We can possibly arrange something for the first weekend of September as well.

Also, who's up for seeing Stardust on Friday night?  Not just me, right?
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Fucking badass.

ETA: New layout, for those that are a bit blind. The minimalist in me clearly won out.

ETA2: Not fucking minimalist enough. Trying to find newer layout now.

ETA3: Found green and white minimalistish layout. Tried adding tags to the sidebar. Tags are infuckingvisible. WILL hack at this CSS until it decides to cooperate. Gah.

ETA4: Testing.

[personal profile] liaku  is me.

Now what the hell is a blockquote?  (ETA5: I suppose this is a blockquote.)
Does anyone know how I can get the damn "Edit Entry" and all the other crap admin links next to the "Leave Comment" thing?  Because it's really convenient and I miss it.

Also: Does anyone know just how much of a hackjob I'd need to do to get the auto font-resizing on the tag cloud in the sidebar?

To Do:

  • Research paper
  • Back to school shopping (get a chair dammit)
  • College app stuff (common app in particular)
  • Book shopping (Rothfuss, Lynch, last book in 1st Hobb trilogy, Abercrombie)


Aug. 4th, 2007 05:54 pm
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300 isn't as good the second time around.  Still just as beautiful, but what was awesome and badass in theatres can be a good bit lamer on my computer screen.  Notably, the queen really annoys me.  For one thing, I remembered her actress being decent to good.  Well, let me tell you, she sounds like she's reading off the script.  It's really annoying.  Doesn't help that her entire sideplot feels tacked on and dull.  And it is tacked on, she's barely in the comic.

Otherwise, I love pretty much everyone.  I mean, if you really want to know who my favorite character is... well, the one that dies?  The one without pants.  (Probably the blonde guy, the gay one with the "Then we will fight in the shade" line.  Tough call though.  I'm fond of the captain's son as well, which is mostly due to the acting I think.  He's got this really lovable aura of... I dunno, boyishness.  It's cute.  I liked his father as well.  Leonidus rocks too.  Leonidus is made of rock.)

I'm sure no one wants to know, but Xerxes has an armless little boy in his harem.  It is frightening.  And also, Xerxes is a beautiful man.  He is also very flamboyant with a flair for melodrama.  I'd say he's rather gay, but I can't say flamboyancy and melodrama are gay qualities really.  It's more of a common theme in comic book villains.

Dude, if I ever go to a con, I am so cosplaying Xerxes.
  Sorry, that moment of insanity passed.

There's a question that begs to be asked.  The soundtrack's got to be out.  So why do I not have the soundtrack yet?  This is being remedied now.

I cleared out my mp3 player and refilled it.  I didn't know how little space 4gb really was until now.


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