Jan. 19th, 2010

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Here's a plug for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti ...Not that I've got anything up for auction, but I apparently have an unexplainable urge to bid on everything.  At least, everything under the food offerings.

I also now have a ticket to In The Heights in Jan 25th, Corbin Bleu's premiere.  It was $35, and I'd hate to compete with the HSM fangirl rush lottery--not that I could've made the lottery in time since I've got class--so I figured, why the fuck not?  It's a good seat, probably on par with what I usually get in Budapest--though I have to admit that my streak of front-row, smack in center seats have spoiled me.

So I finished watching Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R over winter break, and it was awesome (probably the worst season of Slayers ever, but faithful and totally nostalgic).  Hilariously, I am now trying to find a copy of 1990's Slayers in Hungarian (Slayers - a kis boszorkány, which I hope sounds better in Hungarian since it's kinda Blues Clues in English).  It's not working, mostly because I can't read anything on the webpages involved, but also because I have an itching feeling that DVD/VHS copies simply don't exist.

Thoughts on my first day of school later.


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