Jan. 13th, 2010

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I canceled the Rebecca tickets.  I need to keep reminding myself that I will be in Budapest soon enough.  And I need to finish sending in my paperwork and materials for the study-abroad thing.  Bleh.

A List of Things I Should Write Before Break Ends or Otherwise Very Soon:
1. For studying abroad at Corvinus: Write a mission statement.
2. For the IIPP fellowship application: a.) Write a personal statement on my career interests.  b.) Write an essay about myself and why I am awesome enough for the fellowship.  c.) Write about a current international issue and how I believe it should be addressed.
3. For summer internship in Budapest: Write a statement of purpose and rewrite my resume.

I might want to wait on the 3rd since I can't go if I get into the 2nd.  Hilariously enough, I also have back-up plans for my summer after the 3rd, but those I basically get into by applying, so I'm not too worried about what I'm doing this summer.  Ideally, the fellowship will take me, but it's absurdly competitive.  The internship program is also absurdly competitive, but since I speak more than one word of Hungarian, I'll have a leg up on that one at least.  ...Maybe.

Also, I just found out: Corbin Bleu as Usnavi?  Seriously?  Broadway, sometimes I worry about you.  Of course, I have to see this just to see if he can actually rap.  He starts performing on January 25th, so... well, I'll be seeing In The Heights again very soon.  I was planning to anyway, though sooner than Jan 25th.  Maybe I'll go see West Side Story instead next week.


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