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This has got to be one of the best interviews ever given, and certainly the best journalism I've seen ever. Jon Stewart was fantastic. He was prepared, he was ready, he refused to let Jim go when he ducked a question, his questions were insightful, tough, and he was just plain brilliant.

I really didn't expect it. He's always been so lame whenever he got a chance to interview someone worth interviewing. On CNN's Crossfire during the 2004 elections, he answered an accusation that he was a total suck-up in his interviews, which he is, and he argues that he's just a comedy show. I actually found the clip, so I say you should check it out:

The episode kinda massacred the end of the interview. Actually, they trimmed quite a bit, and while most of the important, I think the uncut version is worth seeing. So click the link and watch it.
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I thought it was due time to embed one of my favorite youtube videos ever. One of my favorite songs ever too.

I dunno. I've just been in a mood for this song today.
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I've been trying to figure out whether I should post this or not because while I think it's awesome, it's also pretty awful. The song's not bad, and the video itself is pretty good as far as music vids go, but iff anyone else can figure out what the hell's going on in, tell me. It's absolutely bizarre.

But hey, random exploding things. Yay!

ETA: To the ASOIAF fans, Chris Dane Owens for Rhaegar. You know it.

Behind the cut because the vid is rather massive. )

Anyhow, I went to visit my politics professor for my grade on the last essay, which basically counted as my final exam. Yeah. I have an A in that class. One down. Four more to go.

More exam ramblings. )
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I felt like giving you all a Drew Sarich vid.  No reason.  As far as I'm concerned, I don't need a reason to spread the Drew love.

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Yeah, so the name Bereczki Zoltán doesn't mean anything to you all, but for those of you that I've forced to watch the Hungarian RetJ, this guy should look pretty damn familiar.

Seriously, I might've been the only person in the world that liked most of the music 90s boy bands churned out. Naturally, I am in love with this guy. There's also a vid of him singing Billie Jean (which is one of my favorite songs of, like, all time, so). Then again, this vid was apparently from 2002 or something, so it was nearly the 90s anyway. For those of you that aren't so fond of that particular era of music, I have no clue what this song is or where it's from, but it's great.

eta: Here's Zoltan again with Billie Jean, because I think it's agreed between me and Laura that it is made of pure win.

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I just found this today. This is the opening of the Daily Show from Sept 11, 2001. Didn't try very hard, but I couldn't find the episode in its entirety, but this is good enough, I think.  The last minute is beautiful.

ETA: While I'm embedding videos, watch this one if you haven't already:


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