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I feel like blogging.

I ditched all my Suikoden avatars for this one, btw.  I try to mix up the fandoms, and I like to have, you know, an actual use for my LJ icons.  This one amuses me.  I believe that's Zweig, Lorelai, and Georg Prime dead, with Viki standing back there alive.  Awfully shitty team to use, imo.  Well, Zweig's average.  Lorelei's a decent mage-fighter hybrid, awesome if twinked (and only specific characters can be twinked).  Georg is awesome at least.  Viki is a great mage, but I never got into her.

Hm, I want to give Suikoden V another spin.  I loved that game.

Obama won Mississippi.  The white vote went overwhelmingly against him, sadly, but it's Mississippi.  Dunno what I expected.
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This game sucks without Godot.

And I swear, the butchery of the justice system in this game is terrifying.  I hope the Japanese court system isn't really like this.

ETA: The beginning of Justice For All is hilarious.


Jan. 17th, 2008 08:58 pm
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One week update: I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!  Not particularly well, mind you, but it's definitely recognizable as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Also: I played the second Mia flashback in Trials and Tribulations.  Well, I'm no longer on the fence on Godot.  I've given in.  It's been a while since I last fell in love with a bunch of pixels.  Half his lines are still made of solid cheese though, nothing can change that.  Mia's wonderful too though; she's made of WIN.  Everyone else is generally likable (or at least well-crafted) with a few exceptions: Maya annoys me, Pearls is only bearable, and Armstrong scares the shit out of me.

Study Hall

Jan. 16th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Guess who's bored during a free period again?

In other news, I left my tweezers at home and I haven't touched my eyebrows since... before winter break began.

Sonya, the VAIO NR goes for less than $1000.  One of the girls in my class has one of those in white (which the the one that's $1050 rather than $950) and she loves it.  I have yet to meet someone with a VAIO that doesn't love it.

I get a phone upgrade next year, so it looks like I'll have to wait before I can get a Blackberry.  And I want a Blackberry Pearl.  'Course, my Ericsson's still doing great, so I can wait a year or two.

I have successfully lost/forgot my guitar a total of three times now.  I've only had it for a week.  Yeah.  On the bright side, no one really wants to steal craptastic $99 noob guitars.  Oh, and I've also broken two strings already (first and the second).
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Count on me to have no clue what order the games go in and pick up the third in the series from the local Gamestop.  Well, I knew the name of the first one, but it wasn't there.  Anyhow, whatevs.  I read the Harry Potter books out of order and didn't suffer from it.

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I gots a DS.

...And Phantom Hourglass is addictive.  I r leet lawn mower yo!

DS lite

Dec. 8th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Ordered one.  Gotta run now, will tell my absurdly stupid story of obtaining one later.

You.  [profile] c700, I need me some recommended games.

ETA2: If anyone's wondering what I want for Christmas, get me sheet music for George Winston's "December" (December's all piano solos), specifically, get me Carol of Bells.
ETA3: I would also be satisfied by pretty much any of the merchandise from  I'd prefer one of the tanks though (not the one with his face, for the love of god) and they're only $10.  Conversely, they have keychains and buttons, and I didn't exactly check the price, but they had damn better be less than $10.
ETA4: You know, soon I'll just make a list of affordable things I'd like for xmas.  But just as a heads up, the 2nd Ed Exalted: The Abyssals (that's totally not the title, but whatevs) comes out three days before my birthday.

Sims 2

Oct. 20th, 2007 09:15 am
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I really need to install Sims 2 on my laptop.  Not that I'd actually play it very often, I just sometimes get the urge to download crap for the game.

I wonder if I've still got the expansions saved on my PC.  All I really need is University, Nightlife, and Seasons.  Never cared for Pets or Open for Business.
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I wanna play Planescape: Torment. I never got far. I got the gitzerai dude (I know nothing of Planescape and only the very bare minimums of DnD, so... I think it's "gitzerai") and finished the mage quests. Already met Pharod and he sent me off on a fetch quest that I started, but then got bored. Too many damn fetch quests. I am The Nameless One, fucking immortal dude with replacement body parts and scars all over me, I am not the local Fed Ex.

I also had the amazing talent of pissing off every damn thug in Sigil. Seriously. Every single one I walked past would start attacking me.  Maybe I should've pumped my Cha higher?  My Cha was pretty high!

But yeah, it was one of those games I put down and never picked up again.  Like FF9, in which I still need to do the massive overlevelling grind of the century since I was a nub and couldn't read "NO MAGIC ALLOWED HERE BIATCH" when Kuja said it.
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So, like, we got far enough to meet Balthier.  Yeah.  Slow progress.  We were busy killing everything in sight.  ...Well, I did that to, to be fair.  I did it in a systematic fashion.  She just runs around looking for treasure chests and annihilates anything that dares stand in her way.  Except when its bigger.  She has clearly not played enough MMOs since she runs from anything bigger than a rat.

Which is fair, I guess, since the rats are pretty good at getting her into critical HP zone.

Suikoden V

Jun. 7th, 2007 12:05 pm
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For those of you that do not know, Suikoden is my favorite videogame series ever.  Bar none.

I've never finished SV and I didn't get all that far (just recently got my castle) and when I started it up again a while ago, I didn't remember a thing.  Therefore, I'm starting over.

The only thing I dislike about Suikoden games is that I have to follow walkthroughs unless I want to miss a character, and I do NOT want to miss anything.  And the walkthroughs are dull reads.  Not the simple BAM BAM and BAM stuff I prefer.  Ah, wells.

I cannot explain in words how great it is to play this game again.
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Good game.  Witty.  I can get just as much exp for talking to people as I would from killing mobs.  Totally my type of game.
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WTF, Llewelyn.  Arngrim is a better hero than you!

I <3 Lenneth and I <3 Arngrim.  Freya also rocked, too bad she didn't stay.  Jelanda's alright and my only mage right now, so... okay.  She's got Misty from Pokemon's voice so she kinda irritates me.  I replaced Llewelyn with her so he can grab a level or two and, like, get sent up to heaven asap so I don't have to hang onto him for so long.

Seriously though.  Arngrim isn't a good enough hero?  Llewelyn's traits SUCK.  At least I managed to get Arngrim's hero score to 49 before Freya was all "Oh, btw, we don't want that guy" and I was all "BS I COULDA PUT THOSE POINTS IN FIGHTING SKILLS".  After I got him First Aid, I dumped all of Llewelyn's points into buffing his heroism and... I got it to a grand total of 2.  Yeah.  Jelanda's at 79 and Belendus is at 102.  Bel's a total fop so he doesn't get to stay in my party if  I get anyone cooler and the only reason there's no one cooler is because I haven't met that many people yet.

Good game though.
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I think I'll have to save this all for summer.  I'm just hoping that by the time I'm done with all of these, the price on the PS3 drops.

To buy (in order of priority):
Tales of Abyss
Final Fantasy XII

Must finish (in order of priority):
Suikoden II (I have 108 stars.  I've got a buggy game where Georg and Pesmerga and Mazus are at lv99.  There is NOTHING standing between me and the last two bosses.)
Suikoden V (I think I'm gonna have to start over.  I remember little to nothing save that it was very enjoyable so starting over shouldn't be bad at all.)
Valkyrie Profile (I... uh, acquired it.  Now I have to play it, right?)
Magna Carta (I bought it.  I actually enjoyed it, unlike the majority of the world.  Now I need to finish it.)
FF7 (except I'd need to restart it... again)

EDIT: Okay.  So I'm in the final dungeon place of Suikoden II.  I've beaten Lucia and Han.  I am now stuck.  I've read every damned walkthrough and they keep telling me that I've got to "explore and you'll find another set of stairs", "go up the other stair", "exit left and head north", "go north" etc.

There are no fucking other stairs.  The only one leads to the armory, which is a dead end, and a green room with a locked door.  Left is a dead end.  North is an empty room.  THERE ARE NO OTHER PATHS.  IT IS NOW 2PM AND I HAVE BEEN PLAYING SINCE NOON.

So.  I guess there IS something that can stand between me and the last two bosses.  (I got Oulan a Fury Rune now so she is leet.  I'd still rather have Wakaba and Flik instead of Georg and Pesmerga, but the 40 level advantage tells me to use common sense.)


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