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BBC AMERICA presents a special screening event of the new DOCTOR WHO, immediately followed by a Q&A with the new Doctor Matt Smith, his new enigmatic companion Karen Gillan and lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat on Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00 PM at the Village East Cinema.

I am so cutting class.
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Lin Manuel Miranda in House.  Lin Manual Miranda as the manic-depressive, rapping roommate of House in the ward.

oh my god.  HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HOUSE AND HEROES NOW?????  Okay, fine, I should've known House wouldn't stay at the ward.  Phenomenal casting on everyone in the season premiere though.  I was happy to be without... well, everyone except House.
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[ profile] ender839?  I don't know if you're still watching Heroes, but I am.

In short: I liked the episode. )
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Okay, so the first episode was genius, especially in the directing and editing departments.  Second and third episodes were slightly less than genius, but lots of fun to watch.  Episode 4 was kinda shit (writer was apparently John Fay; I wonder if this episode was a fluke of bad writing or if he normally sucks), but the denouement and ending were handled with grace.

I have a conflicted opinion on 3x05.  I watched it, somehow, still thinking that there was going to be a happy, victorious ending.  Probably because it was RTD writing it.  I need to re-watch it with a different mindset someday since I think I was focusing too much on kicking alien ass--which was clearly not the ass that really needed kicking.  Anyway, I liked it, just not sure how much.

On the Tanz der Vampire press conference: Marjan seems to have slightly more ability to act and sing than I gave her credit for, though a press conference doesn't mean much in that regard.  But just judging from the little twirls with her dress she does, she's going to be playing a Sarah that's not much more intelligent than her Julia.  Also, Lukas seriously is the wrong guy for Alfred.  Unlike Marjan, I'm still holding out hope that he'll salvage something out of the part and not drag the show down (Marjan I've given up on), but he's always out of character out of the show, so I can't tell anything from this.

The new Herbert is startlingly pretty.
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It was perfect in every way imaginable.  Except possibly the first thirty seconds which were confusing, but explained beautifully later, so that was fine.  I really needed this level of awesome to make up for the epic suck of the last Doctor Who special.

Funnily enough, this was the first episode where I shipped Jack/Ianto.

I need more Torchwood icons.  ...And I should pick up a 9 icon while I'm at it.
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In half an hour, Heroes Season 3 will have one final chance to bring Claude back.  They better not fuck this up.

1) This show sucks.

2) See above.  Also, the writers have successfully become very, very boring.

3) They made Bennet boring too.

4) Honestly, I've always thought Nathan!Sylar is utterly brilliant.  He's a better Sylar than Sylar, I think.

5) Nathan's death scene sucked.  Bad.  Wow.  I'm actually awed by how much I don't give a shit considering that he was one of my favorites.

6) Milo might've just salvaged my opinion of him.  That last line before Sylar passed out on him was pretty intense.

7) You know, at this point, Claude can't save this show.  But where the hell is Micah?  Rebel's pretty damn important here.
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Posting this now so I won't forget about it later.

1) Whoa.  A season 1 flashback in the beginning.  Dammit, guys, don't remind me of how good this show used to be.

2) I find Matt's delivery of the IMMA BE A FATHER NOW spiel really... just bad.  Awful, really.  It wasn't very powerful.  In fact, I'm not happy with his acting here at all.  Hiro and Ando were fine though, at least.

3) I fail at paying attention right now.

4) Hiro and Ando are always convincing.  And adorable.  Well, Ando is.  Hiro is a douche, but a naive one at least.

5) I think Micah might've been hitting on Sylar back there.

6) Re: Hiro and Ando are awesome.  Loved that shot of the truck and red lightning.

7) Micah is thoroughly becoming aware of how insane his new buddy is.

8) They had better have a good explanation for how Sylar survived a knife to the head.

Final verdict: Micah was the only good thing about this episode.  Even Sylar was a bit below average rather than awesome.  Meh.  Someone needs to put this show out of its misery.

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Will start at 9PM as usual.  Sorry for missing last week, was too busy being braindead from Budapest.

1) By the way, I really didn't like the end of the last episode.  I mean, dude, she knows everything!  Why are you dumbasses digging?

2) Holes. I wonder which one's Stanley Yelnats and which one's Zero?

3) WTB Claude.  Mini!Angela looks phenomenally like a younger ANgela though.  Can't say the same about Chandra.  His accent hasn't improved much over, say, fifty years.

4) This is the most unbelievably random series of flashbacks ever.  Either this episode is going to be massive awesome (after I get over the KEEP DIGGING stupidity) or massive suck.  My money's on the latter.

5) ...Thank you, Peter.  For telling his mom this shit could be done elsewhere.  Also, Angela's acting is massive fail right now.  Which sucks, because she's usually good if not great.

6) I truly believe that JFK would prefer to use the mutants against the commies rather than locking them up and/or slaughtering them all.  I mean, he'd realize that the USSR might retaliate with their own overpowered freaks, right?

7) That scene with Christine and Claire is just godawful.  From the Claire ursocool moment to the ALLLIIIIIII~~~CE screaming at the end.

8) Peter: Bringing up a baseball game from over 20 years ago is lame.

9) Alice seems/sounds older than young!Angela, which is... a poor casting choice.

10) Though the flashback cast is better than the current day cast at least.

11) Angela's dreams fail if she took this long to dream of Alice.

12) Socks!

13) ...So Mohinder's been dropped from the story?  Just like that?  Gah.
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The TV is fucking on, bitches.

1) Except it's not Heroes yet.  Hello, Chuck.

2) And I believe I just broke the cable cord on the TV.  Well, I guess to be specific, I half-fixed it.  At least it's working now.  EDIT: It's... almost all fixed now.  On it's ow.  Flickers occasionally, which is actually more annoying than the constant fuzziness.

3) "My very own guardian angel" is perhaps the worst line ever uttered by Angela Petrelli.

4) Sylar still has the most villainous presence in the whole show.  And this would be a better scene if Danko were hot (ie, were he Mohinder) since fangirls would certainly appreciate that.

5) I like how HRG's back.  The real HRG.  Not the just hanging around doing nothing HRG.  HRG is supposed to get shit done.

6) This whole "free pass" for Claire deal is really grating my nerves.  Not that she has one but because they keep repeating the phrase.

7) Nathan can either win or lose and it'd be an amusing scene.  I hope he wins.

8) Sylar is seriously the only character that doesn't seem lame no matter how lame his scenes are.  Not that the phone sex scene with Danko was lame, just that he never fails to pull weird shit off.

9) Dammit Danko.  You really need to be hot if you want to play off Sylar.  Which is a shame, because despite your character being really flat, the guy's one of the better actors on the show.

10) Peter and Claire can ruin episodes.

11) Sylar's grin when asked "Can you do it without ... that *gesture to forehead cut* " was great.  Quinto is no good at acting scared though.  Or maybe I'm just not used to it.

12) "You were supposed to be superman" was great.  Surprising becuase it was Claire and actually just a stupid line in general, and I suppose you could either wince at the cheesy or love it.  I liked it.


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The Good: After this weekend, I will have a TV.

The Bad: Because I have a new roommate.

The Ugly: Which means I need to clean up her half of the room.


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:55 pm
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Kings.  Great TV show.  One hell of a premiere.

Go watch it.


And you can read this for a quick Bible 101. (Start with King Saul.)
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So I've started watching Supernatural. I wasn't sold until the last two episodes of season 1, which were a lot of fun, not that everything before it was bad, just not spectacular--and every minor character ever kinda sucked unless their actress (very few actors) had the chops to pull off the worst character concepts ever. But anyway, the first episode of season 2 was great.

Anyhow, Season 2 episode 2 features clowns as our supernatural baddie.

I don't like clowns.

I don't like clowns at all.

Especially not killer clowns.
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Holy shit.

That didn't suck.  In fact, the suck was no absent, that it was good.  Better than all the episodes in Season 2 and 3 minus the one with Hiro's mom.  Still worse than all the Season 1 episodes though, but apparently this was the first episode Brian Fuller had any influence on (though it was already in post-production when he stepped in), and it definitely felt better paced and smoother than all the others.  Mama Petrelli has also refound some of her awesome, and for once, Nathan's changing sides for the bajillionth time made sense.

Loved the end, meaning both the Save the Baby, Save the World deal, and the upcoming (?) Sylar vs. Danko scene.

If Rebel is not Micah, I will be upset.  There is a chance Rebel's Hanna Gittelman, but c'mon.  Micah.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:50 pm
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It took me more than a day to walk into the living room at home and notice that we had a new TV. It's bigger, better, and etc. This wouldn't be so ridiculous if my mom didn't come home with a new TV for my room just because she didn't know what else to spend her Costco gift card on, so now there's a 32" LCD HDTV in my room--which has no cable. In fact, as a testament to how often my family watches TV, the only TV hooked up to cable is the one in the living room.

What is the point of having six TVs?

Anyway. I'm watching Heroes on TV for the first time since December. Woot! )
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A random guy got on his knees and proposed to me at the bus stop. I said no. He asked why. Then we went around in circles about it until I asked him to get up, which he did, and he asked if I would kiss him, which I did, and then I got on the bus. And told him not to follow me, and needing to say that was a bit creepy, but he didn't, so it was all good.

Watched the latest episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles today.  It was awesome (uh, except for the Sarah Connor hearing/seeing dead people thing, that was lame, but used quite effectively), and it whooped Heroes' ass as usual.  I especially loved how the camera zoomed in and hovered over the urinals and the sink in the bathroom with the suspenseful music going on--and nothing happened.  I kept expecting Weaver to murder whatshisface in the men's bathroom like she did before, so I thought it was pretty funny when it turns out she was waiting in the hallway.

Pushing Daisies is an awesome TV show, and I am now upset that they canceled it.  On the upside, I'm still only five episodes into season 1, so I've still got a lot to watch before I'm done with it.

Anyhow, I am, again, overloaded in work. My fault, really. I haven't been reading the politics textbook at all, and I just discovered we're having a test on Thursday based on the text. I'm hoping to finish two more chapters before I go to sleep tonight, and then take care of all my German homework (everything assigned for the chapter since I decided to put it all off until the day before it's due again) tomorrow.  I'll stuff in time in the art studio tomorrow too, or stuff it in somewhere anyway.  I kinda have to.


Jan. 26th, 2009 10:29 pm
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I am finally blogging about Torchwood.  Now, you are rightfully allowed to call me obsessed.

I also just bought the Torchwood soundtrack off of iTunes.  Hey, $10 for some pretty good reading/writing music.  I needed more of that stuff anyway.  I'm actually not too sure how well that'll work since I've had to rewind when watching Torchwood because I was distracted by how amazing the music was.  I am just here to say that Owen's Theme is a masterpiece surpassed only by the Owen Fights Death remix of it.  Really disappointed that John Hart's theme was missing because his theme was also one damn fine piece of TV scoring.

Seriously though, everyone needs to listen to Owen's Theme.
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It occurs to me that I forgot about my daily intake of TV this Monday.



(Was the Heroes finale any good?)
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So that guy I posted about just, uh, about two posts down for most of you. For me, I've got something like 10 private reminder-to-self entries inbetween, but hey.

Anyhow, it's kinda just nice for me to see some ASOIAF moments acted out.

I'm mostly underwhelmed by his Jon, but I really liked his second Jon monologue--it wasn't emo, and pulling off Jon without being emo is pretty important to me. He also pronounced Arya "Arr-ee-ah", which made me blink. I've always just said "Arr-yah". I interpreted the Theon scenes differently (less intense for the first, and far colder for the second), but I liked those too. I wonder what his neighbors thought of the screaming going on when he recorded the second monologue. I think everything else was pretty spot-on, minus Renly's laugh being rather evil.

Also: ROAAAR!!!
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So for those of you that don't know (ie, everybody that's got me friended that likely doesn't care), HBO has greenlighted a pilot for A Song of Ice and Fire, which is only my favoritest fantasy series ever. Actually, it's probably my favorite series of anything regardless of genre or medium.

I know most of the people over at [ profile] westerosorting don't really frequent Ran's board, but I do, mostly because I play mafia there. Anyway, there's this guy (a stage actor in NY) who's been trying to get himself casted. Iirc, he said he'd be happy if he landed a role as one of Craster's wives. Anyway, I thought he was alright until today where I finally bothered to check out the newer audition clip he's posted up on youtube. I got floored.

A Philip monologue from Lion in the Winter:

So yeah. I just wanted to post the vid since it's pretty awesome and say that I fully hope they give him a legit audition if not an actual role. I'd love to see him as Theon or Jon, though I think Waymar would be a likelier bet if he were to have a named character.

Heroes 3x11

Dec. 1st, 2008 09:00 pm
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Cut for crap. )

That episode sucked.

But Seth Green rocked it.  All... you know, twenty or so lines he had.

Legit return of Sylar this time, at least.  At least I hope it's legit.  I'm tired of him pingponging back and forth.


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