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Jun. 28th, 2009 11:47 pm
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1) Burn DIF2007.  I got both discs ripped today at least.  Hopefully my macbook can burn the DVD (it wouldn't for the other two DVDs I need to trade) since it's twice as fast as the old VAIO.  Plus, the macbook does not make scary noises.  I worry about my VAIO sometimes.  Maybe I should run a total system reboot on it.

2) Need to start reviewing German rather than learning Hungarian.  Not only would it be a more economical use of my time, I'm starting to forget my vocab, which is bad.  (On the upside, I'm not having any problem remembering the grammar, but that's not exactly useful without having words to put into the right places.)

3) Need to finish Tales of the Abyss.  It should've been finished long, long ago.  I love the game, so I have no clue what's taking me so long.

4) Seriously need to buy clothes.  I'm beginning to think that if I just wait out the summer months, I'll eventually buy all I need from AVON.
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I had a post written, but it got eaten by Firefox. Well, I basically fed it to Firefox by accident. Anyhow.
  1. I need to start uploading those Wicked VOBs for [ profile] solyndra !  I'm so sorry about how delayed I'm being with this.
  2. Practice German.  I'm rapidly beginning to acknowledge that really won't happen much.
  3. Make another apple pie.  This time make it right so it's a delicious pie instead of a delicious soupy goodness.
  4. Pack.
  5. Get plane tickets back home for spring break.  I should be back Thursday, February 26th.  Possibly Wednesday if I feel like skipping another class.
  6. Schedule an appointment with the Career Center at BC.  Need to get that resume done.  Also could benefit from checking out the internship database.
  7. Hug all my Planescape books before I send them off to [ profile] storm_peregrine .
In other news, I've decided I'd be better off not going study abroad in England over the summer.  I'd rather have an extra month making money.  I still have time in May to go overseas for a week to give the nearest theater all my money.  I'd love to go to Budapest, but I'm a bit hesitant about doing that alone.  There's also the next NYC trip we've got planned for July 4th is going to take a chunk out of my bank account, as per usual.
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1) Play mafia.  Don't forget about the slow game.

2) Clean my keyboard.  Thorough job, remove all keys and put them back in.

3) Go shopping for clothes and fucking rainboots.  I need to get a pair of damn rainboots.

4) Organize my LJ with tags, ljicons, and friendlock shit that I forgot to.

5) Practice guitar.  Practice piano too, for that matter.

6) 48 HOUR FF12 FEST

To Do:

Jan. 9th, 2008 11:30 am
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After 4th period: Kelea Cafe meeting
After meeting: tune my guitar. POSTPONED
After tuning: calc and law hw
After that: Why Rhodes essay? (can't talk about academics because I already did that for the short answer)
And: send Rhodes app.
Then: Figure out why my ACT scores were (apparently) never sent?
Work on: Why Macalester?  Why Reed?

To do:

Dec. 23rd, 2007 12:18 am
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  • Send American U app
  • Send Northwestern app
  • Northwestern supplement
  • Send Emory app AND SUPPLEMENT
  • Work on Rhodes/Reed app (freaking essays!)
  • Macalester app?
  • Agnes Scott?
  • So my dad said I should apply to another university so I just applied to Boston College
  • Send application fee to boston college
  • Print and mail Emory signature supplement
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Applications sent:
Villa Julie
Mount St Mary's

Applications finished:
American University
Arcadia University

Applications in progress:

Applications not touched:


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