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Check out Google's new browser.  It's wicked fast.  It's also missing addons I consider unnegotiable, so I'm not using it for now.  I need my Adblock.

In other news, I'm kinda scary when I take my classes seriously.  My books are densely annotated with my ugly scrawl all over it.  I spent hours going through 11 pages of my German textbook practicing words and listening to audio clips over and over again. I skimmed through the chapters we're going to cover in Microecon next class--and the next class isn't until MONDAY.

I didn't know I had such a nerd in me.

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I got an iPod.  A condensed version of events:

Me: "It says 'Rachel's iPod.'  Uh.  What should I name my iPod?"
Laura: "Mine's Ed."
Me: "Hm.  I think it looks kinda like a Simon.  Does it look like a Simon to you?"
Laura: "Well.  Simon's a prettyboy name."
Me: "Are you saying it's not pretty?"
Laura: "Well, it's black."
Me: "Sirius then? Actually, it looks more like a Regulus to me."

My iPod is named Regulus Black.

Man, I don't even know who Regulus Black is, but now he's my iPod.
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Okay, so as I've been complaining to (some of) you lately, my laptop is starting to show its age.  It's still lightning fast and a complete beast in all regards save one: disk space.

Yeah, I have 80GB of disk space.  I thought it was enough.  Honestly, it is enough.  Right now, after performing a pretty thorough clean-up of what I need and don't need, I've got 12GB left of space.  Now, normally, I'd go 12GB!  Great!  That's enough to last me through another year, no problem!

...I need to upgrade to either XP Professional or Vista Professional for BC.  Because they suck like that.  Now, I could upgrade to XP Professional (and have about 2GB of space left over, which means I can't even finish screencapping Elisabeth).  Alternatively, instead of paying $150 for 2002's technology, I could pay $200 for this year's technology and get Vista Ultimate.   ...But I'd need 25GB of free space to upgrade to Vista Home, let alone Ultimate.

This sucks.


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