Suikoden V

Jun. 7th, 2007 12:05 pm
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For those of you that do not know, Suikoden is my favorite videogame series ever.  Bar none.

I've never finished SV and I didn't get all that far (just recently got my castle) and when I started it up again a while ago, I didn't remember a thing.  Therefore, I'm starting over.

The only thing I dislike about Suikoden games is that I have to follow walkthroughs unless I want to miss a character, and I do NOT want to miss anything.  And the walkthroughs are dull reads.  Not the simple BAM BAM and BAM stuff I prefer.  Ah, wells.

I cannot explain in words how great it is to play this game again.
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...Okay, I've heard a lot about that particular fight, so I did come in "prepared".  Of course, the only real preparation I had was that I brought Kahn along in my filler spot (usually holds Clive or Nanami), so I'm not sure if that even counted.

Admittedly, my game bugged so I had a level 99 Georg.  He hit for about 270 (never broke 300) each turn, but that's it.  Nothing special, though he has 800+ HP so I didn't have to worry about him very much.  I did get lucky with my Battle Oath (berserking Oulan = Scary), Riou hit for 470 and 470 again in zerker mode.  Wicked.  Wakaba nearly broke the 1000 mark with her White Tiger Rune and berserk.  Yeah, Kahn's Scream or whatever it was hit for 1300 a pop too, so that helped.

It was over a lot faster than I thought it'd be.  There aren't very many challenging fights in Suikoden and this was supposed to be one of them.  I'm kinda disappointed.
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Current party of choice: Flik, Oulan, Wakaba, Riou, Rina, Clive/Nanami.  Cos Nanami forces herself into my party all the time, but at least she can actually fight unlike Gremio.

<3<3 Oulan.

Suikoden 2

Oct. 13th, 2006 02:34 pm
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It is an awesome, awesome game. Awesomely awesome. I've always dismissed people that insist that Suikoden 2 is better than 3 and 5 as, you know, rabid fanboys. The same sort that insist the original Zelda's the best of them all.

Yeah. I was wrong. Suikoden 2 is better than the third. No shadow of a doubt in my mind, and I've just gotten my castle so it's not like I'm even far in yet.


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