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So since I've basically succumbed to the fact that I won't buy a PS3 (Slim, because the old one's fugly) until either 1) it's backwards-compatible with the goddamn PS2, 2) there's a FF7 remake, or 3) the price drops--a lot, I've been looking at PSPs every now and then, because I want to play Dissidia and a translation of FFTactics that's actually in English as opposed to JRPGese.

So I just found this.

I do so love the color green. ...Though I'm aware that the cost-effective method of getting my gaming fix is to wait until December for Cataclysm and play my heart out then. But it's GREEN! I mean, I almost certainly will since my poor mage is about a million levels behind [ profile] lillueyue and [ profile] emago. And green's my favorite color~ Maybe I should renew my account now since we could use it both for KEK and for me to get my ass into gear if we all start playing through winter break. And at least I know as an MGS game, it'll be good. I could catch up quick since I can do a level a day if I'm disciplined, which I'm not. Besides, Dissidia. I've got two words for you: Troll Druid.

If it's not yet obvious, I somehow think shopping for a PSP is more worthwhile than studying for microeconomics.

The smartest acquisition I could possible make is Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Because right now, I ain't got nothing.
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Yeah.  That's Anson Hu, singing the intro theme to some Chinese TV show with girly Asian men boys.  Personally, I think it's a really boring song, but his voice is nice, as always.  I believe he has a fourth CD out now, or he ought to.  It's been a few years, and his popularity's shot through the roof.  ...Not that he really had any competition for decent singers in China/Taiwan.

So I spent a ton of money when I went shopping.  Got a few winter things that were on clearance, as well as generic layerables.  Also got a good number of generic clunky bracelets.  Got a clutch purse and a canvas tote, two things that were actually on my shopping list.  Would you believe I still don't have a pair of rainboots?  Yeah, I know.  The only pair I've ever liked was out of stock for my size.  Well, there's also the COACH pair that was in relative good taste, but my feet would be two COACH billboards, so eh.
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So uh... what if it rains?  Then what?  They gonna have indoor fireworks or something?


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