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Quick book rec: Dead Men's Boots by Mike Carey, which is third in a series, so I have to rec up The Devil You Know and The Vicious Circle. They're good fun too anyhow. It's essentially a detective series (the main character's an exorcist, but the mystery-solving's still there) set in AU London where the dead have decided to come back and hang out. Lots of fun to read. While I don't think Neil Gaiman's talent translated so well from comics to novels, Mike Carey's novels are brilliantly reminiscent of his comics--and his Lucifer was nearly as good as Sandman.

The new GI Bill is awesome, even if it's hell made of paperwork to file for.  I had assumed it'd just give me about $10k/year for my tuition, or whatever the equivalent of attending UMCP would've been.  Turns out it's a lot more than that.  I only have an estimate here, but my government will (potentially) be paying $970/credit and $3,457 to the school for my tuition (which covers my whole tuition if I take 18 credits instead of 15), and then handing me an additional annual $1,000 to pay for books... and another $2,777/month housing stipend.

In other news, my room now has cable.  Now I can use my TV for something other than videogames.  Woot.

Also, my animal personality is apparently either a Rooster or a Weasel.  (Or maybe a Zebra, according to them, but I read that one, and I'm not.)  The latter is particularly unflattering. :)


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