Dec. 4th, 2007 10:21 pm
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My music teacher recommends this one.  And I said just go buy it and charge it to my account, save me the trouble.  Looks like a good enough deal to me.  Not that I'd know the difference.
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5th Amendment
-Grand Jury - group who investigate evidence of a crime and decide if the accused should be prosecuted.
-Indictment - A formal charge (the piece of paper)
-Due Process - Equal treatment under law, fairness
-Double Jeopardy - can't be tried for same offense twice
-No Self-incrimination - You have the right to remain silent
-Miranda - warnings and general facts of case

6th Amendment
-Speedy Trial - protects defendants from undue delays, valid reasons must be given for delay
-Public Trial - must be open to news/media and general public; no secret trials; facts and proceedings need to be available
-Impartial Jury - Entitled to a fair trial without jury members who have made up their minds for crimes (petty crimes do not get jury trials); trial may be moved to ensure impartial
-Information on Nature of Charge - need to know charge to prepare defense
-Confrontation - right to question cross-examine witness face to face
-Compulsory Process - defendant can compel witnesses to come testify on their behalf; subpoena; ignoring a subpoena is illegal
-Right to Counsel - Right to a lawyer, even if you can't afford one
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AIMpro is now blocked by the school firewalls.

The good news: neither you or I will ever have to look at AIMpro again and it's BACK TO TRILLIAN BITCHES!
The bad news: ...Uh, maybe you all can be on gmail more often?  Gchat's not blocked?
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Today's class agenda seems to be something along the lines of "Sit there and burn my laptop's batteries out."

Common app essay currently 450 words long.  That's where I like it, so I haven't got many complaints.  That was my English hw.  Second draft of my essay.  I added a sentence and double spaced my paper.  That's pretty much the only difference between first and second draft.

Didn't do my math homework. Too bad, really.  I could've actually done most of it without the program on the school computers, but... whatever.

If we had law or anatomy hw, I didn't do that either.  I don't think we did though.  I know I'm mildly behind in Law since I haven't read the last chapter.  I'm assuming anything worth knowing was taught in class, but I'll probably browse through the book anyway this afternoon.

Haven't done hw for tomorrow either, though I don't think I really have any discounting GITC's busy work.

Yay English teacher, giving me grammar corrections that aren't correct.  Don't tell me where to put a semi-colon, ma'am.  I know where semi-colons go.


I am writing my common app short answer on games.  All games.  Board games, mind games, video games.  Yeah.  I thought writing about art would be lame (and that's what my essay's about anyhow), music too common even for the common app, nothing insightful to say about film, don't really want to write about writing, and anything else would just be ludicrous.

ETA: In my boredom, I decided to search my area (Potomac) for sex offenders.  I can't link my search result so I say do it yourself, but I got 117 in the area.  Holy shit.
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Done with.  I still have never timed it so I haven't a clue how long it was.  I'd try to guess by page length, but I massacred my speech so much that the actual typed content is nearly all crossed out/altered when compared to my scrawl all over the papers.

It was well received.  The inclusion of the word "cheap hookers" seemed to amuse many (or at least the faces of the teachers in audience amused many).

My senior year is now pretty much finished.  Like, seriously.  Thanksgiving break starts next week, then school for three weeks, then xmas break.  Then January in school, Project Ex in February (Project X is love), then spring break, then comes May.  School ends in mid-May, then two weeks of tradition.  I graduate on May 30th.


I want a Clix 2 for X-Mas.


Sep. 17th, 2007 05:34 pm
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An email from the tech guy to all students, about installing stuff onto the computers/laptops:
And if I ( A NEW STUDENT ) don't bring my laptop and check in during Lunch, Dinner, or Study Hall?
Your Internet might stop working. Or maybe definitely stop working. Why take the chance?

Jerzy Jung

Sep. 15th, 2007 12:09 pm
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Jerzy Jung was a teacher at Purnell last year (I know she taught Yearbook, dunno what else).  She left the school to, well, start singing.

She currently reigns supreme as my favorite singer ever.  Since yesterday, when she visited us and sung us a new song.  It's, like, my current favorite song.  And I'm pretty sure I'll never hear it again, which means... well, that sucks.
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Yeah, I'm in Law and out of Film. A Days are a nice, if busy schedule, all my classes are in the same building too, which is always nice. B Days are messy, but I've only got two real classes anyhow. I note that I've got a seminar in the LEC, which is hopeful since the internet works there.

The latest mafia game just began and I am in full spam mode. So's everyone else, apparently.  It is awesome.

Classes begin tomorrow. Kinda. Miniclasses, anyway.

I need more clothes.

My schedule

Sep. 9th, 2007 01:16 pm
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Semester 1!  We have semesters now!

A Days
1 - English 12 (with Greller)
2 - Film Law and Justice?
3 - Calculus
4 - Anatomy I

B Days
1 - Spanish II
2 - Global Issues
3 - 12s Seminar
4 - Seminar

So basically, I have a lot of work to do on A Days. On B Days, I have two (easy) classes, and two free periods.  Yay for balanced schedules? >.>

Settling in

Sep. 8th, 2007 07:23 pm
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This essay on flamenco is without a doubt the crappiest essay I have ever written.  It really shouldn't be difficult at all.  I just can't focus.

I am even going back to add random adverbs and adjectives to bloat my paragraphs because otherwise this won't reach three pages doublespaced.  The length she wanted?  Three pages singlespaced.  Yeah.  I'm fucked.

And I don't care.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is on our summer reading list.  So, uh, I guess you all know what book I'm gonna sign to read.  Love having senior priority, man.  Fahrenheit 451, Life of Pi, and The Fellowship of the Ring are on there are well.  Second choice'll be 451 since, well, I'd actually have something to say about it.  HP7 would be me having fun bashing JKR though, which isn't really saying anything of substance come to think of it.  Well, better than TFotR.

ETA: This Flamenco test is monstrous.
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For some odd reason, I am gaining weight at this school. I think it's from eating a huge breakfast and lunch, though I've got to say that their dinners are disgusting.

EDIT: Nevermind, it is so obviously the massive amount of French Vanilla coffee with added honey and milk that I'm drinking that's causing the problem.  And that was so a run-on sentence.

EDIT EDIT: Okay, I just look like I gained some weight in the fugly uniform.  But drinking all that syrupy sweet coffee can't be that healthy regardless.

Mixed bag

Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:23 am
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On one hand, I've got a ton of math homework. On the other hand, I've got absolutely not homework in my other classes besides catching up on Women of Brewster Place and I'm just a chapter behind now. Granted, that chapter is the gimongous The Two, but whatever. So at least I've got something to do during Study Hall. Why I didn't bring about fifty thousand books here is beyond me.


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