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I have four days left in America. I'm considering having a last hurrah and doing everything I'd miss, but I'm not sure what I'd miss. My playstation, maybe?

There's this one pair of boots I've packed, and I'm afraid the heels will snap. I keep telling myself they won't since I've wrapped the heels in my sweaters and then cushioned the sweaters from impacting anything with my fluffiest socks. I'm really considering just wearing them onto the plane to make myself feel better, but who goes on an overseas flight with knee-high leather boots? I mean, really?

In other news, Real Madrid may want to hire a new translator for their website. Or not, because this possibly made my day.
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Özil to Real Madrid. DNW. Are there even any Madristas happy with this?

I mean, I wasn't happy about Khedira going there because I didn't think he'd get much playtime. Now he really won't get much playtime. Not so worried about Özil in that regard at least.

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Jul. 7th, 2010 04:56 pm
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So. At least Neuer did good.

I don't even mind Spain winning. I don't like their bandwagon fans, but I'm happy for Spain and all they've accomplished nonetheless. I just wish I could be proud of my team right now too, but I can't. That was an ugly game from Germany.

Maybe more thoughts later. Doubt it though.

ETA: One thought, at least: Spain fans are well on their way to persuading me to support the Netherlands again. Oranje, I want to love you so much, and I certainly love you more than Spain, but every time one of you fall down, I want to spork my television screen. Spain doesn't make me put my bitch face on, and that counts for a lot.
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asofubowebvwrb -- I'm missing the first half of the game tomorrow. Class starts at 2PM. Game starts at 2:30. Class ends at 3:30PM. If I leave early, I can at least watch the second half. Or I could only come in a little bit late if I only stick around for the first half hour. (Seems a bit rude to the prof to leave any earlier than that.)

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Hoping for a repeat performance. Except, you know, minus the own goal, fouls, and etc. I want a Netherlands v. Germany final!


ETA2: THE DIVING HAS PISSED ME OFF ENOUGH THAT I WILL BE CHEERING FOR SPAIN IF PAUL IS RIGHT. BUT I HOPE PAUL ISN'T RIGHT. Also, score should've been 2-2, but this time I don't really blame the ref too much.

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Late in blogging, but WOOT ♥♥ NATIONALELF ♥! Boo refs.

In other news, me and [ profile] emago have been caught on film in Doctor Who Confidential at the American premiere. Only for a few seconds (where I'm getting out of my seat to go use the ladies' room no less), but still, it's slightly mortifying. I'm pretty sure I've lost all rights to being only a casual fan now.


Jun. 23rd, 2010 11:51 am
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If USAMNT played like this normally, we'd be pretty badass. Minus, you know, the not being able to put the damn ball between the goal and have the referee let it count. Germany had better play like god's on their side, because I'm tired of watching my favorite teams suck. (Yeah, I missed the GER-AUS game.)

I suppose the elbow Dempsey took to the face is justice. But seriously, that was way worse than the elbow he gave last game, and it deserved a red card.

There's about five minutes left to the game. I suppose we could still score. Or Slovenia could pull an equalizer.

USAMNT broke twitter. That didn't stop pinches gringos from trending though, which amuses me to no end.

Thinking about skipping class to watch the Germany game.


Jun. 18th, 2010 10:03 am
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Grats, Serbia, well played. Ref was a disgrace. Crazy fucker made the game nearly unwatchable.

Excuse me while I erase that penalty kick from my reality. Poldi bb ilu but what was that fuckery?

USA, try not to let Slovenia kick your ass. I can't take any more today.

ETA: At least I'm used to seeing USA losing by now. Still hurts though.

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So now I'm cheering for N. Korea to win their next few games. I only tuned in today for the entertainment of watching Brasil kick their asses (and I don't even like Brasil), yet somehow, I fell in love with N. Korea.

Reality is weird sometimes.


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