Mar. 7th, 2008 04:39 pm
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So the only thing I did today was make frosting.  I was going to make a mango salsa to go with chips, but first we had a sudden case of disappearing avocado (Claudie claimed she bought one on Monday, but it was nowhere to be found), and then it turns out we don't have cilantro after all.  Which is annoying since I was reassured several times that we did.  Mango salsa will be made next week.

So today I made cream cheese frosting for EDG's carrot cake.  She handed me the recipe, but it was all in ounces, and I can hardly measure in ounces, so I basically said fuck the recipe (and the Brits that wrote it) and mixed the ingredients around until it tasted right.  It came down to roughly 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup cream cheese, half pound of powdered sugar, and a few drops of vanilla.  I made two batches.  It was easy to make.  It was much harder to defend.

Mrs V: "Hey look over there!"
Me: *looks* "Huh?" *looks back*
Mrs V: "...:D:D:D"
Bowl of Frosting: *has a bit less frosting in it*
Me: "D:"

It's a two-layer carrot cake.  The bottom layer has some issues (which is why it's on the bottom), and whomever gets one particular slice is going to get a HUGE mouthful of frosting.  I shredded a carrot that we used for decoration.  It's actually a very pretty cake.  You can't see the missing bit on the bottom at all.  I repeat: someone is going to get a HUGE mouthful of frosting.
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The Melting Pot has a $30/person four-course meal for groups of female persons on Tuesday evenings.

...What say you?

ETA: We normally pay roughly $20/person but we share 1 meal between two people.  T'would be nice to get a chance to get a plate of stuff for each of us, though, I admit, not necessary.

There's also a 20% off for 2 on Mondays for military.  Guys, I have a military ID, I qualify for that.


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