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Happy Holidays.  And etc.  Now back to my usual rambling.

So I've had the official Elisabeth Essen recording for forever, and I've never really listened to it until the plane ride back home from school just a week ago.  It's pretty badass.  Carsten Lepper usually annoys me half to death, and Uwe almost never gets any reaction out of me at all (and nothing in this case is a very bad thing), but I actually like both of them in this recording.  There's just this lovely presence Uwe has, an aura of command and a subtler longing for Elisabeth.  I love it.  He still doesn't come near the expression of my favorite Deaths, but it's still a lovely recording in its own right.  That, and Jesper owns every other Rudolf except possibly Szabó Dávid.  (Yes, I had a brief obsession with Oliver Arno.  It is over now.  ...Mostly over, anyway.)

In other news, I finally went through some of the music I've been downloading over the semester, and I listened to Felix Martin singing Die Unstillbare Gier in English for the first time.  On one hand, it's really nice to hear the lyrics in English sung by anyone that's not Michael Crawford.  On the other hand, that was English????  I kid, I kid.  After a few seconds of adjusting to his accent, it's a great recording of the song--provided you can adjust to his accent at all, that is.

And to repeat some old news: Rob Fowler is my favorite Simon Zealotes for Jesus Christ Superstar.  Bar none.


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