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So I've talked to [ profile] emago about it recently, but I think she's the only one, or at least the only one I whined to.  I've been wanting to plastic surgery on my eyelids to make them double-lidded for forever.  It's one of those over 18 things, and I finally talked to my dad about it.  I remember bugging him about it earlier this year either right after or just before my birthday.  He gave me the exact same answer this time, which was basically, "If you wait until you are older, you will have more lines on your face for free."

But anyhow, my dad's found and contacted a plastic surgeon in Rockville.  I think we're going to try to schedule a consultation for Turkey break and a surgery during winter break.  The other option's to push back the operation to summer.  Spring break's not long enough for the recovery period.  Having it done during winter break means we'd likely have to reschedule the NYC trip I had planned to earlier, and let me have painy eyelids afterward rather than during.  The only thing we'd miss is seeing the ball drop, which I frankly don't give two shits about, but if someone else does, I can wait until summer.  (This means [ profile] emago , [ profile] lillueyue , [ profile] xlifa , speak now or forever hold your peace.)

I might end up waiting until summer anyway.


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