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I should've seen it coming but...


Also: UNDINE!  =(((((((

And a preemptive: NO LIGARDES NOT YOU TOO.

Technically, Ligardes won my favorite character spot before Jean bit it (not dead quite yet, hasn't made her death speech, and she's she sort of character that gets a death speech), but he dies within an episode or two anyhow.


At least I didn't like Flora and never got to know Veronica.  Man, Veronica got cheated.  Flora and Undine got nifty skills and story stuffs and, you know, a personality.  Veronica?  She got a ponytail.

In other news, I finished rewatching the entire first series of Digimon.  I will not touch the anything after the first with the 30-foot pole, but the first series is gold.  And I personally think the dub is excellent, especially considering that it was dubbed in an era of truly craptastic dubs.

Otherwise, I haven't got anything to say.  I think Digimon just crowned itself my favorite anime of all time.  Yeah.  I think it unseated Slayers.

Okay, let me think that over.  Nothing can unseat Slayers.
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For the first time in a long while, I'm reading through the Exalted books.  Nostalgia or something, I guess.  The second edition corebook, I can't read any of the 1st Ed books since I, like, have them memorized.  Which is stupid since I've never even played a game of Exalted and probably never will, but I've always enjoyed reading tabletop fluff.  Exalted in particular has a very vivid world.

So... uh, yeah, I <3 Exalted.  It's just the feel of it. It's got everything.  The end is nigh and only YOU can stop forest fires save it!  Oh, and I went through the ExaltedWiki and dug out this quote, just for you folks:

Exalted is a game where one of your main antagonists is Death, Creator of the Underworld. Except there's several of him, probally six or seven. Oh, and he's got 13 dread henchmen, one of whom was probably you at some point in time. Also, Hell has a personal grudge against you this time. Did I mention Magical America regularly trains and sends ninjas out for you personally? Ninjas specially trained in asskicking? Which, if they won't work, they keep giant robotic suits of armor on reserve for. Oh, and the Transformers have united under Omicron, and are invading. The Jedi have corrupted Heaven and usurped your rightful place as the Masters of Everything. Your ex-wife just dropped by, and she's a two thousand year old shapechaning maneating monser now, interested in maybe going on a date next Thursday. Your best friend from your last life and while growing up now seeks to cover all the lands of Middle Earth in darkness, if he can just find this damn ring. And your God has the world's biggest crackhabit, and needs some serious rehab.

in response to the above:
Luckily, someone tapped the biggest buch of asskickers who have ever lived to clean up this mess. Congratulations. You're it. :)

Suffice to say that the Exalted world is getting ripped apart by every fantasy cliche known to man all at one time.  It's awesome.  And the art is lovely, sometimes.  Some of the art is crap and I can probably do better.  Exalted 2 has more crap than Exalted 1 did, I think.  Well, early Exalted 1 had a lot of crap too, but Ex: The Fair Folk and Ex: The Alchemicals were wonderful.  Haven't gotten any of the newer Exalted 2nd stuff though, so I can't judge just yet.

I really hate the deathlord designs, first ed and second ed.  Shoulda let Melissa Uran take care of those.  Even she didn't get Mask of Winters' two-faced thing right, but lord knows she'd done better than all the other interpretations of the guy.  Current deathlord designs look like dorks.  The Lover has a freaking bucket on her head and Princess Magnificent is cosplaying Big Bird, I swear.  They got the Dowager right though.  I guess they got FaFL right too, but all you need for him is ominous-looking armor.

In other news, Claymore's a fun anime series.  Half-demon chicks with big swords, essentially.  Not deep enough for me to really ramble on about, but I'm enjoying it.  Might have a bit too much gore for some, but I think it's pretty clean.  It's anime.  Anime gore just isn't horrifying at all to me.  Movie gore totally makes my stomach roll though.

But yeah, if you have time, Claymore's a good ride.


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