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Day 04 – Your favorite book or series ever

The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett. It's not so much a series as it is a setting and itself a genre. Satirical fantasy, someone else should've come up with that idea sooner! All the books are good, but some are significantly better than others, and there's a noticeable jump in satire. The earlier books are mostly just a fantasy-comedy hybrid, which is also a fantastic idea, but starting with Small Gods, the genre is firmly satire. All the novels are capable of being standalone, but there are some sequential storylines, most prominent being the Witches, the Unseen University, and City Watch. The City Watch sequence is undeniably the most reliable in terms of high quality.

Recommended starting books: Guards! Guards! is the first of the City Watch storyline, my personal favorite, and it's older than the previous two so less satirical, and it's about the Watch (basically the city misfits and deadweight) saving city Ankh-Morpork from a dragon. Small Gods is about the god Om, powerless and stuck in the body of a turtle, and the boy Brutha, who is the only person that can hear his voice. It's completely standalone in the series. Going Postal! is about Moist von Lipwig, a con artist of epic proportions, who is saved from the noose only to be tasked with reviving the disused and rundown postal service. It's better than it sounds and absolutely hilarious.

Guards! Guards! was actually one of the last books I read in the City Watch stories, so it's not like you have to read them in order. I assume it helps though, and some people are sticklers for getting things chronological. My first was Lords and Ladies, which has since defined the elves of my imagination. After that, I read a smattering of random books (Mort, Hogfather, Reaper Man, Witches Abroad), all of which were entertaining, but I sold my soul for good to Night Watch. That being said, it seems like fans of the series have VERY mixed opinions on the books. For example, I love Monstrous Regiment, but many consider it the worst of the series by a long shot. (Sure, Jingo is a better satirical piece criticizing war, but while Monstrous Regiment passes the same message along, they're really not at all comparable.)

Basically, you should check out the series. It'll be worth your time. If English is your second language, they're not terribly difficult reads, plus I've heard that most of the translated versions are excellent as well.

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Date: 2010-11-05 03:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Night Watch owns my soul as well. That is hands down the best Pratchett, one of the best fantasy, and probably a top 25 best ever book I've read. I also enjoyed Monstrous Regiment, and was likewise perplexed by those who didn't (then again, many people have been perplexed with me for liking pretty much ONLY the City Watch stories, so who knows lol). Oh, and Thud! was another fave.

So, kind of rock. Were you aware of that? If not, you are now. XD

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Date: 2010-11-05 06:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, Discworld, the series that made me love literature. I read my first Pratchetts when I was about 11 (a bit too early, perhaps) and found translations of Reaper Man, Hogfather and Witches Abroad in the library. Thus, my favourite storylines even now are Death, Susan and the Unseen University. They started to translate the whole series in order relatively late, sometime after 2000.

It's indeed funny how mixed opinions people have on the single books. Everyone keeps recommending Night Watch, and I've started it now twice but still haven't gotten further than halfway. Monstrous Regiment is still waiting in my shelf, it's the next on my list when I feel like reading English again.

(Btw, I forgot to comment, but I share your opinions on Nation. I didn't expect very much from it, but it blew me away, especially Mau's coping with death and the whole catastrophe.)

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Date: 2010-11-05 07:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have't read anything but one book of the whole series and I can't even remember the title (something with pyramids and a vanished pharao) and I was a bit-actor in the play adapted from the Weird Sisters but I can testify that the English is in fact not so difficult for a non-native speaker. Once you get over the hurdle of the style.


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