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So I imported a copy of Thicker Than Water by Mike Carey, the fourth installment of his Felix Castor series.  It's definitely my favorite series published in recent years (Discworld stood as a challenger until Unseen Academicals kinda sucked), and Mike Carey is just such a stellar writer.  I hated how the entire series is out in Britain and they're releasing the books one a year in the States.

I want to start it, and I probably will tonight, but there's just so much other stuff I should be doing.

On an entirely different note, I've started watching a tv show: Dexter.  I think it airs on Showtime (as far as I'm concerned, it airs on surfthechannel), and it's about an emotionless serial killer that hunts other serial killers.  It's a lot of fun; I like it.

Theodor Herzl, "A Jewish State."
Vladimir Lenin, "The Right of Nations to Self-Determination."
Rosa Luxembourg, "The National Question and Autonomy."
Sun Yat-Sen, "Three Principles of the People."

James Thompson, "Rule Britannia" (1740s)
Rudyard Kipling, "The White Man's Burden" (1899)
Josiah Strong, "Our Country" (1885)
Captain F. D. Lugard, "The Rise of Our East African Empire" (1893)
Jules Ferry, "Speech Before the French Chamber of Deputies" (1884)
Program of the Pan-German League (1890-98)
Typical African Blank Treaty (1880s)

Siegfried Sassoon, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, Part 8, "The Second Battalion."
Michael Howard, "The Great War Reconsidered," in Jay Winter, Geoffrey Parker and Mary Habeck, The Great War and the Twentieth Century.

Bio (all in textbook):
Postranscriptional regulation, p342-348
DNA sequencing / genomics, p390-398
Cell cycle overview, p201-212, p216-217
Regulation of the cell cycle / cancer, p212-216, p345-348 removed from syllabus
Meiosis, p221-230
Gametogenesis / Organismal life cycles, p230-233, p780, p1072
Intro to genetics, Segregation and independent asst., p235-245
Modifications of Mendelian genetics, p245-252
Linkage, x chromosome, p255-266

Martin Walker, The Cold War. (I am never going to read this, am I?) Yeah.  I'm never reading this.
“White House Tapes and Minutes of the Cuban Missile Crisis," International Security, vol. 10, Summer 1985
Nikita Khrushchev, Khrushchev Remembers, pp. 488-505.
E.L. Woodward, ed., Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939, pp. 2, 10-12, 83-87, 131-35, 306-7, 360-61, 373-99.
Foreign Relations of the U.S., 1952-1954, pp. 367-370, 491-534, 578-597.
Ralph White, “Why Aggressors Lose"
Raymond Garthoff, “Berlin, 1961: The Record Corrected"
“1983 Politburo Session on KAL-007 Incident"
Stephen Twigge and Len Scott, “Strategic Defense by Deception"
Department of State, “Estimate of Damage to U.S. Foreign Policy Interests," Foreign Relations of the US, 1964-1968, vol. XIV.
Thomas Fleming, “George Washington, Spymaster"

National Intelligence Council, “National Intelligence Estimate, Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities,” November 2007.
CIA, “National Intelligence Daily Cable,” Friday Jan. 21, 1977

Foreign Relations of the U.S., 1950, vol. VII, pp. 157-161, 1242-1249, 1323-1334 (Korean War decisions).
Michael Armacost, The Foreign Relations of the U.S., ch. 6.
Thomas Schwartz, “’Henry,....Winning an Election is Terribly Important’: Partisan Politics in the History of U.S. Foreign Relations."
Leo Ribuffo, “Religion and American Foreign Policy” (skim)
Walter Russell Mead, “God's Country?"
Robert Pastor, Whirlpool: US Foreign Policy toward Latin America and the Caribbean, ch. 6.
Supreme Court of the US, “Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. et al. v. Sawyer”.
Gary Sick, All Fall Down, ch. 6.
Carroll McKibbin, “Presidential Initiative and Bureaucratic Response: Delivering the Mariner IV Pictures of Mars"
Foreign Relations of the U.S., 1964-1968, vol. 33, Organization and Management of U.S. Foreign Policy, pp. 420-21 (doc. # 190).
Austin Burt and Robert Trivers, Genes in Conflict: The Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements, pp. 1-9.
Edward Mansfield and Jack Snyder, “Turbulent Transitions: Why Democracies Go to War,” Leashing the Dogs of War.
Josiah Ober, “Classical Greek Times,” The Laws of War.
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