Nov. 15th, 2010

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Day 14 – Favorite character in a book (of any sex or gender)

So I'm going as far back into my life as I can, and I can only say that Sun Wukong aka The Monkey King of Journey to the West is still my hero. Backstory in a nuthsell: He was born from stone and became, unsurprisingly enough, king of monkeys. He studied under a buddha until he was effectively expelled from his studies for his (albeit rightful) arrogance, but by then he had a host of shiny powers that Sun Wukong abuses like nothing else. Later, heaven insulted him, so he allied with some demons, decimated an awful lot of the celestial army, and then Gautama Buddha put him in his place. Which was under a mountain. Sun Wukong stayed there for a few hundred years until Guanyin Buddha granted him limited freedom if he would protect Xuanzang on his pilgrimage to India. And that's basically where Journey to the West picks up for reals.

I love Sun Wukong. He's so clever, witty, not afraid of anything, and nothing brings down his spirit. Heaven locks him up in a burning prison for eons, and when they expect to find him dead, he bounces out stronger than ever before. I mean, who needs white knights and disney princesses when you've got this badass?

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Day 15 – Your “comfort” book

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett is full of zany fun. It brightens my day and restores my faith in literature's ability to spin a story that's meaningful without being serious. Terry Pratchett does that in general, but in Going Postal he excels.

So there's this guy called Alfred Spangler. He's next up for the noose, and he's kinda chilling in prison now. He robbed a bank--probably several banks, rather definitely several banks, but that's not important. What's important is that he's going to die. And he does.

Now there's this guy called Moist von Lipwig, previously known as Alfred Spangler. There was a funny noose trick or somesuch--the point is that the Patrician of the city has given our dear Moist (that's his real name--no one would make up the name Moist von Lipwig for themselves) a second chance at life. The catch? He's now in charge of revitalizing the post office. Well, the post office is effectively covered in graffiti and buried under pigeon shit, so this is not going to be an easy task.

Obviously, he succeeds. That's not really giving the story away. It's a fantastic time getting there though.

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