Sep. 19th, 2010

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Just wanted to say that last night's Rebecca was fantastic. I basically missed the entirety of the Broadway festival thingmabob though I caught a few songs from Atti before the show. So, so sorry [ profile] baby_mammoth, I did get back in time to meet you, but I was feeling horribly sick and not in the mood to be in a crowd.

I am fucking in love with Polyák Lilla as Mrs. Danvers, and I'm delighted that she's the Danny in the official recording. Never liked her voice in anything, and I've always been confused when people said she had a stunning voice, but holy shit last night left me stunned. What a voice! So far, most of the casting is working out for me (though I don't want to see SzPSz!Max or MÁZs!Favell except out of morbid curiosity), but Lilla blew me away. Despite not liking the book, I somehow still really appreciate accuracy to it because it's still a good book nevermind my opinion, and Lilla nails the canon perfectly imo.

Will definitely post my thoughts on the show at length on [ profile] magyar_musicals, ideally after I finally catch SzPSz and VágoZ.

Will post about Eger too. Visegrád was rained out, so we went to this gimongous cavern by Miskolc. I have zero appreciation for nature, but it was pretty fucking stunning, so more photos are on their way. In related news, Eger now ranks as the absolute most adorable city in the world. I want a snow globe of it.


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