Sep. 9th, 2010

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1) In Budapest and alive. So so so tired though. I only got to my room around 9PM, and then I moved furniture with my roommate until 11PM or so before crashing. Yesterday was busy busy busy from 8AM to 9PM. Today wasn't much better. I'm not even jetlagged, but I'm tired.

2) Photos forthcoming. Turns out my camera isn't compatible with macs. A bit of an oversight, but I'll use one of the school PC's when I find time. I've only taken a few so far anyway--the weather's been utter shit, so the lighting hasn't been fantastic enough for me to bother except for things that amused me.

3) My other pair of boots broke. A stone scraped a chunk of rubber off the heel, and now its all shaky and unstable and incredibly straining to walk in, which I had to do for a few hours yesterday. My right foot is in a world of hurt now.

4) Crazy American students are going out for a drink despite being dead tired and it's raining like the apocalypse out there. I'm going to sleep, thanks. I enjoy ditching my sobriety just as much as the next person, but I'm pretty sure all the rain would give it right back.

6) The 6 trolley is my new best friend. It stops both at Oktogon and LUSH. How brilliant is that?


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