May. 29th, 2010

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So I realized my last LJ entry was about me failing Calc. I didn't. Came out with a C, which was not fun for my GPA, but it's still over a 3.3, so it's fine. Well, I'd like it to be better, so I'm not fine with it, but it's fine.

Brief thoughts on the Vienna TdV Gesamtaufnahme. Briefer thoughts: Don't like it. )

Some WoW rambling, which can be summed up as 1) my account got hacked, and 2) WTFTBC, GIVE ME BACK KAEL'THAS AND/OR ILLIDAN. PREFERABLY AND. )

Anyway, despite no WoW, I've got plenty of other games sitting on my plate. [ profile] storm_peregrine has been bugging me to get my move on in HeartGold, and I'm pretty sure he won't be too impressed to see I've only managed one gym leader since he left. Besides that, there's still my half-finished Dragon Age: Origins game and an overdue replay of both Tales of Abyss and Suikoden III+V (skipping IV, though maybe I'll reload a save file for the ending).

In other news, I've rejoined ~greywardens over on IJ, so that puts my RPG count at two now. Not sure that was a good idea since they're a massive time sink. ~Greywardens upped their activity requirement since I took a super-long hiatus back in January, but what with it being summer, I ought to be okay. I really do need to finish DA:O just to refresh myself on the setting though.


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