May. 11th, 2010

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It's official; I passed Bio. Just took my Hungarian exam where I was forced to make up a few words. "Itt-nél" was probably my most hilarious creation since I couldn't come up with anything that even vaguely meant "nearby."

I expect to fail Calculus. I'm looking at the sample exam our teacher uploaded for us, but I barely understand any of the questions on it. I'm pretty safe from failing the class altogether with my current grade (I can't score lower than a 42% or so, and that's assuming there's no curve at all), but I'd rather not come out with a C-.

So instead of studying my ass off, I'm taking a nap. Because I've had maybe four hours of sleep in the last 48 hours now, and I nearly dozed off during my Hungarian exam. There's no feasible way for me to stay awake through the end of the calc final, and passing out during an exam is probably not viable grounds to appeal for a re-take.

ETA: I totally passed my calc final. Uncurved, it's probably somewhere around a B-/B, which sucks balls, but whatever. I'll come out with a B. Hopefully.


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