Apr. 30th, 2010

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1. See Red Tickets bought for next Friday (Orch, Row C--yeah, I splurged a little, but it's about Rothko. And it has Eddie Redmayne. I mean, dude, what's not to love?)
2. See American Idiot again.
3. See In The Heights again, and whoever replaced Corbin Bleu. Corbin Bleu remains until July 25th, so nevermind.
4. Maybe see American Idiot yet again.
5. Eat at Café du Soleil, Max Brenner, that Ethiopian place, and that place with the nachos.

For the record, the euphoria has died down, and I still desperately want to see American Idiot again, just to be able to better interpret the scenes. The only other musical that holds that status is Mozart!, so that's damn high praise for American Idiot. Also, Tony Vincent is my new Broadway crush, which is bizarre and almost entirely unfeasible because I hate both his Judas and his hair. Dude rocks some serious stage presence.

Why, yes, I am aware I have real work to do. My first final is in some eight hours.


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