Mar. 22nd, 2010


Mar. 22nd, 2010 01:05 pm
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The good news: I got an A- on the politics quiz thing that's worth a measly 6.66% of my grade, but every bit counts, I guess.  The Cold War timeline that I thought I massively fucked up was actually mostly fine with just the Korean War misplaced, and that was my only error.  Looks like I randomly placed Sputnik in the right spot.

The bad news: I got a C+ on my essay, which is worth 20% of my grade.  This is bad.  It was a shit essay by anyone's standards, and I knew that when I turned it in, but it's shittier than I remembered, complete with referring to the USSR in the present tense for an entire paragraph.  The content was not so hot either.  It was a two-parter prompt, or I treated it as one, which is legit enough.  I nailed one part and subsequently failed to address the second part.  I mean, I did.  Kinda.  I talked around it and possibly even about it if you squint a little, but address it?  Not really.  Sometimes, I hate getting what I deserve.

Anyway, an A- is still possible for me.  It's what I'm gunning for.  Now that I know what the TA wants, coupled with him willing to swing in favor of an upward trend, I can pull it off.  More likely, my best efforts will manage a B+, and if I really just don't have time, I can take a B.  It's not a class for a major.


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