Feb. 23rd, 2010

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So on that fellowship I want to apply to for: even though I found out about it from the dean, and the fellowship is listed in the school's fellowship/scholarship magazine, now that I finally got off my ass and asked for their signature, they realized there was a clause there about them needing to provide matching funds for my tuition, so now I'm waiting to see if they'll actually nominate me or not.  Highly frustrating.

I should finish the application as soon as I can anyway, the deadline's March 15th, and the least I can do is ask for my recommendations since that's not a huge time investment on my part.  There's unfortunately a rather nasty essay I have to write about some international issue or another that I care about, and while I can write it piece-wise, I'm going to need a free day to sit down and produce a cohesive final draft.  I won't find that for a while yet, but at least the last two days before the deadline for applying are the first two days of my spring break.

Anyway, my next midterm is on Friday for my biology lab section, but I have a discussion group meeting on Wednesday for history, so that takes priority for now.

My schoolwork list is so long that it needs to be behind a cut. Should be complete by next Monday. Not that it will be. )


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