Jan. 29th, 2010

liaku: (slayers angry lina)
I need to write these application essays sometime soon.  Like, really soon.

Also, I believe I'll be holed up reading all through the weekend.  I'm some 200 pages behind in politics, and I honestly have very little clue what's going on in calculus.  The former is something I want to fix, the latter will probably be a perpetual problem in that class.  In either case, I still need to crunch some numbers.  I'm also behind in history (not worried about that) and biology (but only because I slept through class today).  I am up to speed in Hungarian, but embarrassingly clumsy with some of the cases.  "Tessék?" now features very heavily in my conversations.

And no, I'm not taking German, but I've committed myself to reading all of Coraline in German in the meanwhile, probably at a very slow pace of something like one page a night.  Maybe slower.  So far, I've gotten past the dedication, the opening quote thingy, and two paragraphs into chapter 1.  ...Yeah, I suck.  I know.  But I'm trying.


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