Jan. 26th, 2010

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The weather was disgusting outside.  My umbrella (and it was not a crappy drugstore umbrella, it was actually really nice but it already had a hinge broken before today) is demolished.  It's usable if the wind's not strong (it's wicked) and if I hold down one of the sides whenever there's a light breeze or, say, a sneeze, but it was enough of a pain that I decided I'd rather take the rain.  This is significantly better than my dormmate's umbrellas.  Most now open upside-down or are simply in pieces.

I had a class scheduling disaster that may yet work out in my favor.  Basically, I got into the intro international politics class, a class I really didn't think I could get into (why the fuck do they put enrollment limits on intro classes when there's only one section?  It's a goddamn prerequisite for nearly every politics class I'm interested in!), but I somehow magically got a spot... but not before it was too late to change my biology lab section, which happens during the same time.  There are no other lab sections that I can switch into that'd fix the schedule conflict.  I went to the politics class, and it was awesome, I loved it, and I really don't want to drop it.

The solution I'm looking at is to switch into a different level of biology, the intro biology-for-majors rather than the biology-for-retards/non-majors.  It shouldn't present much of an increase in difficulty since my current bio professor is probably the single worst professor I've ever had (including the one that forgot to show up for his own review session) and I have no clue what I'm supposed to be learning, which makes learning anything quite the challenge.  Anyway, this is assuming that the bio-for-majors class has lab sections open for times when I'm available.  I'm waiting on an email back from the lab professor, but since she suggested it in the first place, I'd be annoyed if it turned out to be a dead end.  On the upside, the bio department has agreed to not bitch-slap me for being a pain in the ass with last minute changes.

I saw Corbin Bleu's debut as Usnavi tonight.  He was good.  Not better than Lin Manuel-Miranda (who was there hanging out with the audience before the show, btw), though his voice is very rich and gorgeous.  A lot of the time, he sung more than he rapped, even when he was supposed to rap, which I don't mind.  Most interestingly, in Hundreds of Stories," during a bit where Usnavi talks about his parents and them dying, he totally broke my heart.  That song's never raised anything but laughs for me, and Usnavi's bit in it was touching in a generic way, but Corbin Bleu was intense.  I never even realized how serious that string of lyrics are.  The biggest shame is how much he's out-charisma'd by the original cast, what few that remain, but that's understandable and forgivable at this point.  I swear, Robin de Jesus owns the stage in ways that few actors can ever aspire to.  I'd have a huge actor crush on him if he weren't so short.
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I have been watching this video on end for the past fifteen minutes or so instead of doing my homework.

It's Kira's final laugh after he's caught and before he dies. English is my favorite, but je suis Kira amuses me like nothing else for some bizarre reason.

Toss-up between Russian and Hungarian for the worst. Russian for stilted delivery (I think his "I am Kira" line is really beautiful though), Hungarian for sounding like Goofy (and generally being all wrong, which sucks, because the rest of the Hungarian dub has been great so far).


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