Jan. 24th, 2010

liaku: (shit d20)
1) Platinum Scales is badass.
2) Being stunned sucks.
3) Being dead also sucks.
4) Healing surges are good.
5) Natural 20's on a saving throw are occasionally useful.
6) Vecna's really just a healbot.
7) Orcus can be ignored.
8) Osterneth is the biggest BAMF in town.
9) There is no mound of dead bards to hide behind.

And of course...
10) Secret to a ton of damage: Oath of Enmity + Daggermaster + Follow-Up Blow + Hurricane of Blades + Two-Weapon Opening + Action Point + Blade Cascade + Violet Solitaire + Rain of Blows.  No, I never got to use this combo.  It is at least 27 attacks, maximum 39 if I crit on all MH attacks.  The next turn would involve 3 standard actions, with Hurricane of Blades recharged, and Rain of Blows too if Hurricane crits, so round 2 would be something like Hurricane of Blades + Rain of Blows + Twin Strike, which is at least another 21 attacks.

My overpowered avenger/rogue now retires to go off and have a dozen babies with a gay man.  Forth comes the normal-powered sorcerer|bard who will apparently be a gay man.


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